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BlackbridgePartners LLC - Mergers and Acquisitions
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Welcome to BlackBridge Partners

Blackbridge Partners LLC is a Boston headquartered M&A Advisory firm specializing in business sales, mergers and acquisitions advisory services for privately held middle market companies seeking to harvest maximum value.
Selling a Business
We work on behalf of business owners to get the best value for them when selling a business. Typically these clients are profitable businesses with revenues from $5 million to $150 million. Most are privately owned businesses or divisions of larger corporations. A business sale may include “earnouts” and other structures that require careful consideration and structuring. more...

Buying a Business
We work with individuals and businesses seeking to buy or invest in a business by identifying appropriate targets and confidentially approaching and evaluating businesses. We apply our experience with deal negotiation, deal structuring and due diligence to ensure that the buyer gets the most value on the best terms. more...

Acquisition Financing
We help buyers who may already have a target in mind and may even have the outline of a deal agreed (a Letter of Intent) by facilitating the structuring and closing of the actual acquisition. We also help with funding of business acquisitions by bringing the appropriate sources of equity and/or loan capital to the deal on the right terms. more...

Free Resources
Click here to access our free resources page where you can download tools as well as information and tips about valuations, earnouts, deal structures, processes, etc. in our newsletters.

Percentage of Deal Volume by Deal Sixe Range
Highly Selective
We must be highly selective in our client representation because we invest a great deal in analyzing and packaging our clients, in targeting potential purchasers and in the successful execution of our process.
Our team has completed over 400 mid-market transactions and is well experienced in conducting discrete private auctions to harvest maximum value for our clients.
Our thorough analysis of the client and the market at the start of the engagement ensures that we eliminate unpleasant surprises and deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.
We deliver a high level of professional investment bankers, M&A expertise and experience typically not accessible or affordable for middle market firms.
Global Reach
We represent sellers and identify acquirers globally to ensure that our clients achieve maximum value from the sales, merger and acquisition transactions that we manage on their behalf.
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