BlackbridgePartners LLC - Mergers and Acquisitions
BlackbridgePartners LLC - Mergers and Acquisitions
Blackbridge Partners LLC Strategic Solutions For
Business Acquisitions
Blackbridge Partners works with investors, financial buyers and strategic buyers to help them find, evaluate and acquire all or part of a business. We offer a level of confidentiality and professionalism at the earliest stages of an acquisition approach that can create an opportunity where the buyer’s own direct approach would be met with hostility or indifference.

We work with buyers to translate their criteria into a profile that can be used to drive a focused acquisition search. A profile typically includes information about the target business sectors, sales volume, EBITDA, target countries, etc. Our team uses this profile to identify and screen targets for the client. Targets are evaluated prior to making a confidential approach so that realistic expectations can be set very early in the subsequent discussions.

For businesses that have been approached by a seller or that are already considering an acquisition we provide a full range of M&A services to ensure that the right business is acquired at the best price and on the best terms.
The Buyer services that we provide includes:

  • Acquisition criteria refinement and focus
  • Development of acquisition parameters to drive the search
  • Target screening prior to contact
  • Evaluation of potential targets and refinement of the prospect list
  • Help to get the most attractive prospects past unrealistic valuations and concerns with employees, suppliers and integration issues
  • Reverse auctions
  • Deal negotiation and structuring
  • Due diligence
  • Closing
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