BlackbridgePartners LLC - Mergers and Acquisitions
BlackbridgePartners LLC - Mergers and Acquisitions
Blackbridge Partners LLC Strategic Solutions For
Business Finance
The business finance services that Blackbridge provides
Blackbridge Partners offers its clients corporate finance capabilities through its affiliated Broker-Dealer which provides the following financial services to middle market companies:
  • Innovative, non-traditional financing (debt and equity)
  • Raising capital for clients through Private Placements
  • Participating in selling groups with other NASD members
  • Financing needs analysis and strategy development
  • Ongoing financial advisory services
Blackbridge Partners Investments
Blackbridge Partners, through its affiliated entities invests in established manufacturing, service and distribution companies. Investments are made in companies that expect to achieve high incremental returns on incremental investment within a reasonably short period of time, thereby significantly increasing their valuation. Investments are usually made as subordinated debt or preferred stock. Returns are generated from interest or preferred dividends, and from the appreciation of common stock obtained via warrants. Companies are often clients of Blackbridge Partners.
Investment Criteria
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